What Is The Composition Of A Complete Feed Pellet Production Line?

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A complete feed pellet production line refers to all the equipment used in the feed production process from the initial state of the material processing to the completion of the finished pellet feed, which is joined together to form a pellet feed assembly line equipment. Now, let the professional feed pellet production line manufacturer ABC Machinery tell you about the specific process of pellet feed production line.

Usually all the links of the feed pellet production line are very detailed and accurate, including crushing equipment, pelleting equipment, conveying equipment, cooling, drying and sieving equipment (cylinder cleaning screen), packaging equipment and other auxiliary equipment. Certainly, different manufacturers’ feed pellet production lines have small or big differences, but they are all designed based on customer's raw materials, workshop height and equipment restrictions, thus forming a reasonable design, customer satisfaction pellet feed production line.

small feed pellet production line

There are three most important main machines in the complete set of feed pellet production line, namely, feed grinder, feed mixer and feed pellet mill. But we can not only purchase these three main machines in the production process, but also purchase some auxiliary equipment. The role of auxiliary equipment is different:

  • Elevator is to deliver material to Crusher, feed mixer and feed pellet machine separately.
  • The cooler also plays the role of cooling the final molded pellets.
  • And the vibrating screen is used to classify the cooled pellets (granules).

Of course, according to the different raw materials and output will also be equipped with other auxiliary equipment, here ABC Machinery will specify for you:
1, feeding hopper and fence; 2, pulse dust collector; 3, dust blower; 4, scraper conveyor; 5, bucket elevator; 6, cylinder cleaning screen; 7, permanent magnet barrel; 8, pneumatic T-cock; 9, batching bin; 10, to be crushed bin; 11, upper feeding level device; 12, lower feeding level device; 13, buffer bucket; 14, feed crusher; 15, silencer 16, settling chamber; 17, screw conveyor; 18, feed mixer; 19, to be granulated bin; 20, feed granulator; 21, air-blower; 22, cooler; 23, vibrating sieve; 24, finished product bin; 25, electronic packaging scale; 26, belt conveyor seam charter.

large feed pellet production line

Generally, before the customer is ready to invest in the feed pellet project design line, the manufacturer and supplier will give him some technical guidance. After the workshop size is offer by client, the feed machinery company will draw a reasonable design to best suit the client’s workshop. In addition, the professional feed pellet production line manufacturer will send personnel to instruct the assembly to ensure the normal operation of the feed pellet line. At the same time, the manufacturer ABC Machinery will also give customers training in the operation of feed processing machinery and equipment, so that customers can better understand and familiarize themselves with the equipment as soon as possible.

Although there are so many devices in a complete feed pellet production line, the smaller capacity you need, the fewer facilities there will be in the feed pellet line. If you are planning to set up your own feed pellet production line, ABC Machinery is your good choice, since we will design the business plan depending on your requirements and make it best suits you. Leave us a message below to get the feed pellet production line PRICE LIST now!

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