pet food processing technology

Pet food for is a food that is specially provided for pets like dog or cat and small animals. It's a high-grade animal food between human food and traditional feed. Its main role is to provide all kinds of pets with nutrients of the most basic life guarantee, growth and development and health needs. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formulation, quality standard, convenient feeding and use, and can prevent certain diseases.

pet food

Although pet food is animal feed, it is different from chicken, duck, fish and cattle feed. For example, the real consumer of chicken feed is chicken, but it is actually bought by farmers. Farmers are seeking profits, so they are not high-end consumers, they pay more attention to quality and price. Pet is different, it lives in the city family; the real consumer of cat food or dog food is cat or dog. But the money to buy pet food is spent by pet owner, and pet owners do not pursue profit, they pay more attention to pet food quality and brand rather than price, so they are high-end consumers.

Pet food extruding process

pet food processing flowchart

 Steps in pet food processing

1. Raw material reception and cleaning
Prepare all raw materials for making pet food and clean them.
2. Crushing
It guarantees all materials are crushed into required size or powder.
3. Mixing
Mixing process is a key process in pet food production. The basic process is to weigh the raw materials in different weight according to fomula, then pour them in the crusher to decrease size, and later all materials are temporarily stored in the storage silo. Then all matrials are ready, feed them in the mixer for mixing.
4. Pet food extruding
Extruding is a heat treatment process with high temperature and in short time. It can not only reduce the degradation of food nutrients, improve the digestibility of protein starch, but also destroy the anti nutrient components and microorganism. All shapes of pet dry food such as round, triangle, flower shape and bone shape can be produced through different molds (templates) of the feed extruder machine. In pet food production, fat is usually added to improve pet food palatability, and this is carried out in conditioning process. Besides, to give different colors to pet food tablets, manufacturers usually add pigmented water in extruding chamber.

pet food of various shapes
5. Drying
The drying section is mainly used for removing water in the extruded pet food. After extrusion, the texture of the material is relatively soft and water content reaches 20~30%. After the drying process, the finished product moisture is controlled at 8%~10%, which can ensure that the material is stored in a certain period of time.

6. Oil and fat spraying
Oil and fat are the best source of energy, so 2%~40% of oil and fat can be added to formula according to pet growth needs. We suggest that the content of the fat in the formula, that is the content of the total oil in the extruder be kept within 12%. If the content of the oil is required over 12% and the firmness of the granular material will be significantly reduced. If the extruded material needs more than 12% oil content, the extra oil is suggested to be added in the way of external spray after drying. It can be used at normal pressure or vacuum spray depending on how much oil is added. The external spraying will make the pet food tablets appearance more tempting. In addition to oil, some powdered attractant is also sprayed to increase pet feed palatability.

Pet Food Processing Equipment

7. Cooling & sieving
The main purpose of the cooling section is to cool the dried material from high temperature to near room temperature and take away part of the moisture content. Also, in this process, the ineligible food tamblets will be separate from eligible ones.
8. Pet food packaging
Some manufacturers package the pet food of same shapes in one bag, but some would blend several pet food tamblets in different shapes and colors together and pack them in one bag. The conventional weight include: 5kg, 1kg, 500g, 20g, and also 20-50kg large package.

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