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The medium capacity animal feed pellet production line here refers to the 1-15TPH Feed Pellet Line. It is usually built for small or medium scale animal feed production factories. The medium feed pellet line can process feed pellets for poultry, livestock and also fish (aquatic feed). The main machines in this kind of pellet production line include: feed hammer mill, silo, mixing machine, ring die feed pellet mill, feed pellet cooling machine, feed pellets packaging machine, etc.

With years of experience in feed processing machinery R&D, ABC Machinery have more than 10 engineers in making business plans of feed pellet production lines for clients from domestic and abroad.

Technical parameters
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Applications of medium feed pellet line
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Animal feed production line flowchart
Raw material reception & cleaning Crushing Mixing/Blending Pelletizing Cooling Feed Pellets Packaging

Advantages of our feed pellet production line?
  • The components of a complete feed pellet line can be TURN-KEY MADE, since ABC Machinery is professional in making animal feed processing plans, we can give you the MOST SUITABLE feed pellet production Business Plan.
  • All the machines are strictly developed and manufactured to guarantee PREMIUM QUALITY.
  • You can choose it for making many kinds of animal feeds, such as cattle, dairy cow, goat, sheep, horse, pig, chicken, broiler, duck, rabbit, fish, goose, etc.
  • We have experienced engineers for overseas installation and comissioning. We will also train your workers on how to operate the feed processing machines.
feed crushing machine
Feed Crushing Machine

It adopts waterdrop shape crushing chamber, Ultra wide crushing chamber and outlet, "U" type twice strike design, anti circulation design, movable full open door, etc. Chain linkage type pressure screening mechanism is easy to operate. More about feed crushing machine>>

Feed Mixing Machine
Feed Mixing Machine

There are 2 types of feed mixers for complete feed pellet line: horizontal ribbon mixer and double-shaft paddle batch mixer. The first one is most commonly used and saves energy; the latter one can add liquids. More about feed mixing machine>>

Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill
Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill

It is equipped with stainless steel feeder and Denmark original imported Danfoss inverter contorl, automatic grease adding system. You can choose single-conditioner feed pellet mill and double-conditioner feed pellet mill. More about ring die feed pellet mill>>

Feed Pellet Cooling Machine
Feed Pellet Cooling Machine

It adopts a new octagonal cooling chamber without cooling dead angle. Countercurrent design can prevent hot pellets from directly contacting with cold air and cause fracture. Crumbler is installed in the lower part of the cooler More about feed pellet cooling machine>>

feed pellets crumbler
Feed Pellets Crumbler

It is used to crumble large diameter feed pellets into small particles, in order to meet small animal feeding, such as for chicks. By this method, the whole feed pellets production cost can be decreased, and it is much easier than directly manufacturing small size feed pellets.

Feed Pellets grading and screening equipment
Feed Pellets grading and screening equipment

This machine aims at grading the pellets after cooling and crumbing, so that feed pellets that meet standards can go to following packaging procedure, while large pellets or powder will go back to pelletizing or crumbling processes.

feed pellet packaging machine
Feed Pellet Packaging Machine

There are automatic packaging machine and manual packaging machine for you to choose. It is usually composed by measurement scale, bag-sewing machine and conveyer belt, etc.

How do I know what equipments do I need for the feed pellet plant?
Medium Feed Pellet Production Line Projects
If you are interested in our medium feed pellet production line, please leave us a message with:
  1. What animal feeds do you want to manufacture?
  2. What capacity do you need?
  3. What feed processing equipments do you need? (If you have no idea, just contact us for professional guidance!)
  4. What raw materials do you have? (optional)
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