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As the global demand for fish and its by-products continues to increase, especially with the growth of fish farming, the demand for high-quality fish feed is also on the rise. Small-scale fish feed pellet plants can be more flexible in meeting local or market-specific needs, therefore, an increasing number of investors would like to set up a fish feed pellet mill to meet this profitable business.

Feed Pellets for Fish

ABC Machinery is a large machinery and equipment supplier. It has specialized research on the production of pellet feed for fish. Based on these research programs, we have produced efficient, energy-saving, easy-to-operate, high-efficiency and long-life feed pellet mill to help you successfully start your small fish feed pellet production plant business! For more informations about plant design and get free quotation, don't hesitate to contact us!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Feed Pellet Processing: Optimizing Fish Food Quality Factors

Fish pellet feeds are feeds made from a mixture of various active substances (e.g. plants, animals, fats, oils, yeasts and other ingredients) required for fish growth. Of course, the quality of the fish feed pellets made can vary greatly if different products are used.

Different parts of aquaculture require different daily pellet feeds for fish during your fish feed mill processing. Factors affecting fish pellet feeds include: formulation, size, hardness, softness and moisture content.

Therefore, we should choose the most suitable feed pellet equipment to produce the most suitable pellet feed according to the needs of different customers.

If you encounter problems when buying fish feed or making fish feed at home, please stay and contact us, we have professionals to answer your questions!

how to start your own production line with best business plan


The size of the pellets varies according to the different species of fish and the different needs of the fish from small to large stages. Large pellets for large fish and small pellets for small fish, all designed and produced for fish farming.

This is where we have to choose the right size when selecting a feed pellet mill.

Different Size of Fish Feed Pellet in Fish Feed Plant

Different Sizes of Fish Feed Pellet in Your Fish Feed Plant


When selecting a pellet feed formulation for fish, it is important to firstly consider the food habits and the requirements of the main nutrients for the fish being cultured. Secondly, it is important to understand the nutritional composition of the various feed ingredients and their balance with each other and the digestibility of these nutrients.Therefore, when matching fish pellet feeds, the following issues should be noted. The combination of various feed materials. Because all kinds of feed materials have their own characteristics, the nutritional value is also different. In terms of protein content, animal feed pellets are higher than plant feed pellets.

Common Insights in Global fish feed market


soybean, corn, fish meal, fish oil, additives and others


Asia Pacific region ,Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa and North America


vitamins and minerals , anti-oxidants, feed enzymes and others

product form

pellets,extruded products, powdered products and liquid products

 Fish Feed Pellet Mill

 Influencing conditions

  • The output of the granulator is related to the power input

  • Cooling time and suction volume

  • Sharpness of cutting knife

 Selection of pelleting machine for fish feed

The production of pellet feed machinery is different, the production of pellets also has a difference.  

Such as the production of soft pellet machinery, simple structure, no drying equipment, so the production of pellets with high moisture content, can not be stored for a long time, can only be used as they are made, which is mostly small-scale production. 

What’s more, with the difference in processing technology, fish pellets can be extruded hard pellets or extruded pellets. Although the ingredients of these two pellets are the same, they show differences after being put into water: hard pellets. The pellet feed sinks to the bottom, while the extruded feed floats on the water surface. The physical properties of the two types of pellets are different.

Comparison of Floating Fish and Sinking Fish Feed Pellets

Floating Fish Feed Pellets vs. Sinking Fish Feed Pellets

Despite the same formula, extruded feed pellets are more expensive than hard feed. But extruded pellet feed can still produce better economic benefits because of its many advantages.

There is a relatively new type of pellet feed processing equipment - fish  feed extruder machine, raw materials by high temperature and high pressure shot out of the pellet, the moisture suddenly vaporized, so that its pellets instantly extrude.

Fish Feed Pellet Machine for Sale
fish feed extruder machine
Cost Effective Fish Feed Exrtuder for Sale
Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Supplier

This fish feed extruder now not only produces feed for feeding fish, fishing bait manufacturers also produce puffed pellet fishing bait. The characteristics of this pellet is easier to disperse after entering the water, with the effect of tempting fish.

Video of Floating fish feed pellet mill

Fish extruded pellet feed has the advantages of balanced nutrition, good palatability, easy packaging and transportation, and improved animal production performance. It is welcomed by the majority of aquaculture farmers. If you want to make high-quality pellets at home, please contact us!
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