How to Improve the Quality of Chicken Feed Pellets?

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The quality of feed is an important material to provide the nutrition required for the growth of chicks, chicken and laying hens, and the quality of feed has a direct impact on the breeding efficiency. In addition to the quality of raw materials and nutritional design, different forms of feed also have a significant impact on the production performance of chickens. (Read More: How to Make Your Own Chicken Feed?)

Choosing Factory Price Chicken Feed Pellet Machinery to Make Pellets
Choosing High Quality Chicken Feed Pellet Machinery to Make Pellets

In terms of poultry feed, there are generally two different forms of mash feed and pellet feed, of which the pellet feed due to the special nature of its processing process, the feeding effect on the production performance of birds is better than powdered feed.

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The Advantages of Chicken Pellet Feed in the Feeding Process

In view of the characteristics of the pellet material production processing, so the feeding process compared to powdered feed, granular material has many advantages. (Related Post: 800~1000Kg/h Chicken Feed Pellet Plant Business in Botswana

  • 1. More balanced nutrition

As the particle size of pellets is more regular, avoiding the natural grading phenomenon during the transportation of finished products; at the same time, the feeding process greatly reduces the situation of unbalanced nutrition caused by the chickens' picky eating.

Making Chicken Feed Pellets for Farm Use
Making Chicken Feed Pellets for Farm Use

  • 2. High utilization rate of feed

Powdered feed in the feeding, the chickens in the feeding generally eat pelleted feed first, and the powdered feed left, resulting in a certain waste, while the powder rate of pellets is small, greatly improving the utilization of feed, reducing feeding losses.

  • 3. Improve the palatability and digestibility of feed

Pellets in the processing process after 70 ~ 85 ℃ high temperature modulation, the material is fully cooked, greatly improving the palatability of the feed and feed digestibility.

  • 4. Improve the safety of feed

The high temperature steam pressure in the granulation process can kill the harmful microorganisms in the material, which has a good effect of disinfection, sterilization and insecticide, greatly improving the safety of the feed.

  • 5. Reduce the loss of trace elements and dust

The lower powder content effectively reduces the loss of trace elements caused by uneven feeding of powdered feeds, and reduces the dust in the transportation and feeding of feeds, which helps to maintain a good breeding environment.

How to Make High Quality Chicken Feed Pellets?

Many factors are needed to produce high quality chicken feed pellets, such as the formula of feed, the choice of feed pellet mill, and the technical level of production personnel. Combining these factors, how to choose a reliable feed pellet machine manufacturer and supplier to produce high quality feed pellets?

Chicken feed recipe and storage

Making Chicken Feed Feed Recipe Table

Feeding Type

Formulation of Chicken Feed Pellet 

Growing Chicken

Corn 61.4%, wheat bran 14%, soybean meal 21%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.2%, stone powder 1.1%, salt 0.3%, additives 1%

Adult Chickens

Corn 62%, wheat bran 3.2%, soybean meal 31%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.3%, stone powder 1.2%, salt 0.3%, additives 1%

Laying Hens

Corn 62%, wheat bran 3.2%, soybean meal 31%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.3%, stone powder 1.2%, salt 0.3%, additives 1%

Note: The formula is a common chicken feed formula for reference only. Please configure it according to your actual situation.

  • How to Preserve Chicken Feed Pellets

When preserving chicken feed, you should choose a location that is protected from light, cool, dry, ventilated and away from water. If you store chicken feed in the chicken coop, the preservation period should not exceed 3-5 days in summer and 5-7 days in winter, and the use of moldy chicken feed is prohibited to avoid adverse reactions after chicken consumption.

  • High Quality Chicken Feed Identification Methods

When buying chicken feed in the market, in order to avoid purchasing adulterated feed, you can put a little feed into your mouth and lick it, the taste of high-quality feed is better, while poor-quality feed has a strange smell, or twist the feed with your fingers, by touching the size of the feed particles, hardness, viscosity, etc. to determine the merits of the feed.

Choose the right and reliable chicken feed production equipment

800-1000 Kg Per Hour Small Feed Pellet Production Line for Sale
800-1000 Kg Per Hour Small Feed Pellet Production Line for Sale

In short, we have a general ideal for how to choose high quality animal feed pellets. For feed pellet mill manufacturers, this will not only ensure the quality of feed pellets, but also earn your feed pellet mill a high reputation. If you are interested in our equipment and need more detailed information and a quotation, please feel free to contact us! You can get a quick response within one business day! We are here to help you!

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