How to Purchase Small Poultry Feed Pellet Machinery at Best Price?

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Due to their easy operation, simple design, and minimal training and maintenance requirements, mini poultry feed pellet production plants are an ideal choice for those who lack the resources or expertise to manage large-scale production facilities. In addition, they can be established quickly and easily at the location of their choice, saving a lot of labor costs. Therefore, as the demand for poultry feed continues to increase, investing in a small-scale poultry feed pellet processing plant is gradually becoming a cost-effective plan. (Related Post: How to Set up A Poultry Feed Pellet Manufacturing Plant?

Low Cost Plan for Poultry Feed Pellet Machine Price
Low Cost Plan for Buying Mini Poultry Feed Making Machines  

Poultry feed pellet manufacturing machines are feed processing machines that use corn, soybean meal, straw, grass and rice husk as raw materials, which are directly pressed into pellets by crushing the raw materials. ABC Machinery can not only provide a single flat die feed pellet mill, but also be used as a package for small and medium-sized feed processing units. If you are interested in starting a small poultry feed pellet processing business, just feel free to contact us for more detailed information!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Reliable Plan for Establishing a Small Poultry Feed Pellet Manufacturing Plant

  • Establish the scale and scope of the poultry feed manufacturing plant.

  • Evaluate the budget required to establish the plant.

  • Match and purchase poultry feed pellet production equipment.

  • Reliable source of feed raw materials.

ABC Machinery is able to visit your workplace in order to better recommend the best relevant equipment for you, as well as provide professional technical guidance for the overall layout of your 3D turnkey design. (Read More: 1-30TPH Chicken and Poultry Feed Pellet Factory Layout Design

Investment Cost for Starting Poultry Feed Pellet Making Business

Before starting the process of setting up a mini poultry feed manufacturing plant for farm use, it is important to create a reliable cost plan. This plan should include the cost of poultry feed pellet production machines, labor costs, maintenance and repair costs, and other costs related to factory operations. With a reliable cost plan, it is possible to have a successful small poultry feed manufacturing plant that produces high-quality feed for poultry on the farm.

  • Cost of Poultry Feed P​ellet Production Equipment

When planning to set up a small poultry feed manufacturing plant for your own farm, it is important to have the different equipment on the required production line, including feed mixers, feed grinders, feed pelletizers, feed bagging machines and feed silos.

Mini Poultry Feed Pellet Machine for Sale at Factory Price
Cost-effective Poultry Feed Mahcine and Production Line for Sale

  • Cost of Raw Materials

Calculating the cost of feed raw materials is also a key step. There are many types of feed raw materials, and the lack of any nutrient in a chicken's diet can cause nutritional imbalances and lead to disease. Therefore, under normal feeding management conditions, the formulation of a laying hen's diet should choose the appropriate protein-energy ratio based on feeding standards.

A simple poultry feed formula is as follows:

Chick feed corn 54%, imported fish meal 3%, wheat bran 6%, premix 5%, soybean meal 32%
Broiler feed corn 57.5%, soybean meal 28%, shell meal 0.5%, wheat bran 8%, rice 6%
Duckling feed corn 51%, fish meal 6.5%, bone meal 1%, salt 0.1%, shell meal 1%, wheat bran 10%, broken rice 10%, rapeseed cake 20%
Goose feed 51% corn meal, 15% wheat bran, 15% grass meal, 0.3% salt, 0.7% bone meal, 10% soybean cake, 8% fish meal

(Subject to the actual situation)

  • Labor and O​ther Miscellaneous Costs

In addition to machinery and raw materials, other miscellaneous costs associated with establishing a small poultry feed production plant include the cost of installing and running water and electricity, obtaining permits and licenses, and purchasing packaging materials.

If you want to know the detailed poultry feed machinery price and parameters, please contact us directly!

inquire about the price and cost

Characteristics of ABC Machinery's Small Poultry Feed Pellet Production Line

ABC Machinery's small poultry feed pellet machinery is the best choice for any farm use. It is designed to produce high-quality feed pellets at an affordable cost.

  • Mini poultry feed manufacturing plants for farm use are designed for small-scale production, which means their purchase and maintenance costs are lower than those of large-scale production plants.

  • The machine uses durable materials and components, and its structure can be used for many years. It is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.

  • The pellets produced by this machine are uniform in size and have high nutritional value.

  • In addition, the design of this machinery is to produce feed pellets that are highly palatable to poultry.

Small Animal Feed Pellet Unit for Poultry and Livestock Working Video

Buy the best priced poultry feed pellet processing machine for sale to start small-scale  and commerial investment animal feed pellet production from ABC Machinery, the reliable and professional  manufacturer or supplier in Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc., at low cost. Contact us for more information about poultry feed pellet making equipment for sale.


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