small feed pellet cooler

small feed pellet cooler

Small Feed Pellet Cooler Applying Range
LQS series feed pellet cooler is to cool down the fresh & hot pellets from feed pellet mill. The pellets just being made out from the pellet mill have a temperature of 70-85℃, so the pellets need to be cooled till near room temperature to meet the storage requirement, otherwise they will result in mildew. This small feed pellet cooler occupies small areas. It is convenient to transport and install and easy to dismount and adjust. The air consuming is low but the cooling efficiency is good.

Technical parameters of small feed pellet cooler

Model Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h) Weight (kg)
LQSF50 0.75+2.2 250-350 220
LQSF70 0.75+2.2*2 300-500 280

Small Feed Pellet Cooler Performance

Combined Cooler and Sieve is based on the drum of Rotary Sieve which is made up of Drum Sieve and Frame. There is one certain angle between the Rotary Drum Sieve and ground. The outside of the Sieve is covered by closed steel to reduce the noisy pollution. On the adjustable speed system, the drum sieve is rotating on certain speed; the pellet is separated and cooled from top to bottom on the rotating of Drum Sieve. The fine powder is discharged from the front of Drum Sieve, and the good pellet is outlet from the back of Drum Sieve. During the cooling and sieving process, the rotating is evenly, low impulsion and vibrating, and stable. The installation of Combined Cooler and Sieve is easy which can be directly put on the ground, floor board or under the storage. This machine is easy to closely collect dust and maintain.
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