feed pellets crumbler

feed pellets crumbler

In animals’ (poultry and livestock) different growing periods, they need different size feed particles. Therefore, the feed pellets crumbler is used to break large size feed pellets into smaller particles. Sometimes, if the feed pellet mill directly presses feed into required small size feed, its output is low and the energy consumption is large. But if first pressed into large feed pellets and then broken into small particles, there will be large output, and only the power consumption of feed pellets crumbler is increased. Compared with the direct pressing small particles, the output can be increased several times while the energy consumption can be reduced several times. Therefore feed pellets crumbler is an important part in complete feed pellet line.

Feed pellets crumbler technical parameters

Model 15×60 15×80 15×100 15×150
Power (kw) 3 4 5.5 7.5
Roller Diameter (mm) φ150 φ150 φ150 φ150
Roller Length (mm) 600 800 1000 1500
Capacity (t/h) 1-2 2-4 3-6 5-10
Size (mm) 1100×1000×525 1250×1000×525 1450×1050×525 1900×1050×525

Features of feed pellets crumbler

  • It has compact structure and easy granularity adjustment.
  • The roller differential transmission has good breaking effect, so breaking particles do not need to pass through the bypass, and it can stop automatically.
  • Belt transmission, balanced transmission, and low noise.
  • The performance is reliable and easy to operate.
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