600-1000kg/h Home Feed Mill for Farm Use

home feed mill for farm use

This home feed mill for farm use is actually a mini or small household scale feed pellet making unit. It is composed by BPM25 feed pellet mill, mixer and 2 screw conveyors. It is especially suitable for users who have farms or who raise chicken, cattle (cow), sheep (goat), horse, pig, geese, pigeon, ostrich, camel, and so on.

The basic material used by this machine includes corn, wheat bran, alfalfa, oilseed meal (soybean oil meal, sunflower seed oil meal, cotton seed oil meal, etc.), wheat straw, fish meal, corn meal and rice husk, etc.

Technical parameter of this home feed mill

Capacity 600~1000kg per hour
Power of Feed Pellet Mill 22KW
Power of Feed Mixing Machine 2.2KW
Power of Conveyor 0.55KW*2
Diameter of Feed Pellets φ1.5~φ8mm
Diameter of Pellet Die φ250mm

If you need the same capacity but want more other equipments like hammer mill, cooler, and packaging machine, please see small feed pellet plant>>.

ABC Machinery has 20 years of experience in manufacturing BPM series homemade feed pellet mills. This home feed mill has been exported to many countries and regions.

farm use feed processing unit
household feed pellet mill

How to use this household feed pellet mill?

When making feed pellets for animals, the pre-matched feed raw materials are poured into the feed hopper, and are sent by the screw conveyor A into the upper layer of the mixer to be mixed. After the mixing is uniform, the upper layer discharge gate of mixer is opened, the material enters the lower layer of the mixer and continues to stir; at the same time, the lower layer discharge gate is opened slowly, and the discharge gate is adjusted to proper position according to the load of the feed pellet mill (in order to control the feeding quantity of the feed pellet mill). Then the material is sent by the screw conveyor B into the feed pellet mill for feed pellet making, and the formed particles are discharged through the feeding port of the granulator and can be directly used or packed after collected by the container for natural cooling.

Video of Farm Use Feed Processing Unit

Who needs this home feed mill?

All serious small-scale farmers should have a home use feed pellet mill for making their own feed pellets for animals.

Many kinds of feed pellets can be made at home or farm!

many kinds of feed pellets

Benefits of using the Farm Use Feed Processing Unit

  • Good pellet provides quality nutrients in a compact pelleted form that have least cost compared to the purchased animal feed. The use of a home feed pellet machine is therefore cost-effective and good for producing high-quality feed to the animals.
  • The production of high temperatures when using the machine can disinfect the raw materials and limit disease-causing micro-organisms like bacteria, fungus, viruses and worm eggs. This improves your animal’s health and decreases their morbidity.
  • Making animal pellets using this machine can help mingle different feed types. This ensures that your livestock eats a balanced diet and are avoid picky. Also, the feed making machine helps discompose the fiber and the pellets become sweet and easy for the animals to digest.
  • Home use feed pellet mill will ensure an increased feed intake to the animals, increased bulk density, and less time and energy is spent by the animals when feeding. This makes sure that your animals have a balance weight and good health.


The use of a home feed pellet mill technology is improving animal’s health and saving a lot of time for the farmer. Therefore, you should choose a high-performance farm use feed processing unit and not be confused by price. A good machine saves a lot of energy, time and money.

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