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Unlike setting up a poultry farm, setting up a poultry feed plant won't deal with raising of poultry birds but rather, producing food for the domestic birds. So its no doubt that the plant you intend to set up is very vital to the survival and growth of the poultry farm, the birds and the farmer.

A poultry feed plant won't take as much space as a poultry farm, nonetheless, the bigger the plant, the wider the space required and occupied. A number of factors determine the success of a poultry feed plant. And they include space, raw resources for the meals, machines and adequate labour.

A deficiency in the requirements for setting up your poultry feed farm can have a real adverse effect on the plant performance and more dangerously, the quality of meal produced. In which case poor feed quality will have an unpleasant effect on the birds it’s fed to; I bet you don't want that.

Setting up a poultry feed plant requires some knowledge, one of which is the application of this plant. The feeds that'll be produced on this plant are to be feed to poultry birds, and so let's check out what these poultry birds are. Hens, cocks, ducks, drakes, turkeys, guinea fowls, geese, ganders, pheasants, partridges and quails all makeup poultry. In short, therefore, birds that are domesticated and kept are referred to as poultry. (Learn about poultry feed processing technology.)

main kinds of poultry

So you see, you'll have to produce food for these wide ranges of birds, and so your plant's application is to produce feed for a class of poultry birds. Here are the various classes of feed application your plant will need to produce with approximate percentage of protein they contain; Chick Starter and Grower crumbles (protein %-22%), Layer Pellets (protein %-17%), Layer Crumbles (protein %-17%), Whole Grain Layer (protein %-18%), Turkey Starter Crumbles (protein %-28%), Finisher Pellets (protein %-17%).

And in order to produce these various feeds, the right resources have to be used. The nutrients and the materials from which they can be gotten are;

  • Energy: Cereals like Barley, Sorghum, Corn and Wheat
  • Fat and Oil: Tallow, Lard, Poultry fat, Feed-grade animal fat, Yellow grease and vegetable fat
  • Protein: Canola, Fish meal, Field peas, Meat and bone, Soybeans and Cereal by-products

All of these and many more are the various classes of feed your plant will have to produce. This is because, as their feed names imply, different classes and sizes of birds require different classes of feeds to grow, develop and produce.

poultry feed plant

After gathering the required knowledge, information and technical know-how, getting adequate space to place your plant, sourcing for resources with which the feeds would be made and understanding the application of the plant, machines have to be gotten and put in place. The various machines that'll be needed to run the plant efficiently are feed crushing machine, Mixing machine, Pellets Making Machine and packaging machine.

Setting up a poultry feed plant isn't a rigorous venture, in fact, with the right information and techniques, it is a very profitable enterprise.

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