Make Camel Feed Pellets To Supply Your Camel Good Nutrition

Many people don’t understand what a camel feed pellet or granule is. In simple terms, camel feed pellet is a kind of food for camels which is made by a feed pellet mill through high pressure. It is a form of feed for all camels reared for both meat and milk production. It has high protein nutrients and mineral salts useful for milk production, animal survival and production of meat. Camel feed pellets also have a long shelf life of 6-8 months, which means you can also make camel feed pellets for sale or for storage.

camels eating feed pellets
High Quality Feed Pellets for Camel

ABC Machinery manufactures and sells high-quality animal feed stand-alone machines and feed production lines to provide convenience for feed manufacturers around the world. In addition, we offer animal feed formulas of these products using highly nutritious, health boosting animal feed, which is made from quality ingredients such as cereal, grains, pulses, soy meal, essential amino acid, and vitamins. Produced feeds are highly regarded in the market as they provide nourishment to poultry, cattle, horses, camels, pigs and birds.

The production process of camel feed pellets

As we mentioned early, camel feed pellets are prepared using a particular machine called the pellet mill.
The primary means which are involved in camel feed pellet production are:

1TPH Camel Feed Pellet Equipment for Sale
1TPH Camel Feed Pellet Equipment for Sale
Small 0.6-0.8TPH Feed Pellet Line
Small 0.6-0.8TPH Feed Pellet Line
  • Preparing of raw materials

What are the raw materials used to make camel feed pellets?  
The feed for camels can be made from oi cakes, residues from agriculture for instance peanuts seedlings, grass, maize, wheat straw or bran, flour mill by-products, cereals molasses, grain, etc.

  • The crushing of the raw materials
  • Mixing
  • Fine crushing
  • Pellet making
  • Pellet packaging

At first, raw and supplementary materials are transformed into silos and propelled into tanks where they are made ready for more processing. The materials undergo processing again by the use of the primary crusher.

The materials which have been processed by the crusher are additionally separated by the use of a sieve and after that stored in the separating tanks according to the kind of raw materials.

By the use of a feed mixer, these raw materials are mixed, and the fatty ingredients are also added to the mixed materials to increase the nutritional value of the camel feed pellet. In this same process, the obtained feed from the mixer is combined with molasses.Assorted camel feed that is crushed into small particles is formed into pellets by a camel feed pellet mill.

Camel Feed Pellets Granules
Camel Feed Pellets

 High Quality Camel Feed Pellet Machines for Sale

With the introduction of the pellet mill, it is now easy to make powder feed into pellets for the camels every day.A camel feed mill is specially designed for home use in farms, uses electricity, it is light in weight and can be operated efficiently. More importantly, the feeds which are made using this mill are rich in nutrients.

Working Video of Camel Feed Pellet Machine

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Features and performance of the camel pellet mill

Camel Feed Pellet Machine
Camel Feed Pellet Machine
High Quality Feed Pellet Machine Price
High Quality Feed Pellet Machine Price
  • It is propelled by an electric motor which makes it suitable and friendly to the environment.
  • There is no requirement of water to the powder feedstock before pelletizing
  • Replacing the pellet mill die allows you to produce the food of any diameter which you desire for your camels.
  • High temperatures and pressure during the process of pellet making kills all the ovum and other harmful microorganisms, reducing the diseases which may infect your camels, for instance, digestive disorders.

In conclusion, camel feed pellets are better to use instead of the poor quality prepared feeds which may bring about problems with your animals.

The use of these feed can result in high milk production, health improvement in your camels as well as increased production of meat. Thanks to the camel feed pellet mill, now feed for the camel can be produced in high quality and quantity at any time of the day.

ABC Machinery is one of the trusted organizations engaged in supplying, manufacturing and exporting Animal Feed & Poultry Feed pellets machines. 

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