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Deer are a kind of ruminant mammals that have long been raised by human beings for their meat, skins (known as buckskin), especially in New Zealand, Ireland, Great Britain, and Germany. Deer Feed pellets can be store-bought, and they can also be homemade. If you are a landowner with a large number of deer, then you might consider making feed pellets for them at home.

 Your deer needs high protein feed pellets for several reasons: Firstly,deer are ruminants, and the fattening and nutrition of ruminants must keep up. Secondly, sometimes due to drought or floods, the food available to the deer naturally isn't enough to keep them healthy and thriving, and deer feed pellets help them grow and reproduce for hunting season.  That is why many landowners offer deer feed pellets for extra nutrition.

Make Deer Feed Pellets With Feed Pellet Mill
Make Deer Feed Pellets With Feed Pellet Mill

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 Why Make Feed Pellets for Your deer?

Making your own feed pellets can be better than store-bought feed because you know what grows in your land. Deer like eating things they know the taste of. If something they try isn't to their liking, they could take a long time to get used to it. The best way to feed deer is to use ingredients they are already eating in your land and add the protein and other nourishment they might need.

High Quality Deer Feed Pellets
High Quality Deer Feed Pellets

Only using corn, which seems to be a deer favorite, can harm their digestive system. Look into different ingredients that deer like to eat for more variety. Adding minerals into the feed can help with the development of healthy antlers and more robust fawns. Some deer-like whole cotton seeds or even pinto beans. The idea is to help them with nutrition, not overfeed them.

The following recommendations are the general feed raw materials for deer. Deer farmers can use the feed formula to make food for their animals.

Common Feed for Deer Advantages
Corn It is commonly known as the "king of feed", ranks first in the energy content of cereal seeds, with good palatability and digestibility of 85%.
Soybean Meal   It is the product of benzene extraction of soybean oil is a protein feed with rich nutrition. It contains about 45.8% crude protein, and the content of digestible crude protein is very high.
Peanut  Its crude protein is 46.4%, methionine is 1.75%.
Wheat Bran It contains about 14% crude protein, 110g / kg digestible protein, about 4% crude fat, 9% - 10% crude fiber and 0.8% - 1.1% high phosphorus.

How to Make Feed Pellets for Your Deer?

Making feed pellets is not too complicated. All you need are the dry ingredients and something sticky to pull it all together into pellets. First of all, figure out how much you want to give the deer and how often you want to fill the feeders. Most ingredients can be bought in the cattle feed store.

feed pellets making process

Use a crusher to break down the dry ingredients like corn, oats, soybeans, cotton seeds or pinto beans. Then, in a mixer, add some molasses to mix it all together. Alternatively, use a feed pellet mill for press the mixture into granules . After the feed is prepared, use a pellet cooler to extract extra moisture. This will help to keep the pellets fresh for longer. Also, if you are afraid that the feed pellets would go mouldy, you can also have a pellets packaging machine to pack the pellets in bags.

Start Deer Feed Pellets Making Business
Start Deer Feed Pellets Making Business
Factory Price Sells the Feed Pellet Line
Factory Price Sells the Feed Pellet Line

When putting the pellets out, make sure you use a feeder that won’t harm their antlers and will not be completely out of place in nature. There are some deer feeders available that stand in one place and let go of feed a bit at a time. They are specially built to not harm antlers but might need a drier type of pellet for easy flowing out of the feeder.
If you are looking for a small feed making production line for your animals, please send us your demands, and we will provide preferential equipment prices and the best guidance for factory business!

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 What Will Feed Pellets Bring to Your Deer?

Deer have different development processes according to the seasons. 

  • In the fall and winter, they will need extra fat in the feed to help them get through the cold hard months of winter. Rice bran is a good source of fat for deer. That said, deer do not need to eat much in winter. Their nature is to use the stored fat in their body.
  • In late winter and early spring, the deer don't usually eat grains so corn is not a good idea at this time. If you are just starting to provide feed pellets in your land, it’s best to wait for spring when the natural vegetation will help with digestion. 
  • At the end of spring and through the summer they will need more protein as it's the time of year for fawn development and antler growth.

In short, it is a convenient and reassuring thing to make feed granules for your own farm. It is even profitable to establish a feed pellet production plant. If you would like to know details of shipment and installation, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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