Why do so many farmers make their own feed pellets now?

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Mr. Samuel Usman, who has raised chicken for several years, turned to use pellet feed 2 years ago. The reason why he chose feed pellets was that his chicken did not like feed powder, so he wanted to bring a new taste to chicken. What he did not expect was that, ever since he used pellet feed, he never changed. “The feed pellet is so economical! It saves me a lot of money!” said Mr. Samuel Usman. Besides, he also said that compared to powder feed, feed pellets have much higher utilization rate.

Now Mr. Samuel’s chicken farm is getting better and better. “This year, I bought two feed pellet mills from ABC Machinery and planned to make pellets by myself. Because although the pellet material is used well, the cost is relatively high.” Samuel said. “The last two years I almost gave up farming. No way, the more expensive the feed, the higher the cost of breeding. The chicken prices have not risen, and the business seems impossible.” For him, making feed pellets by himself can save a great sum of money. (Related reading: Why do you need to make feed pellets for your poultry or livestock?)

make your own feed pellets

“The cost of feed is a small mater. If there comes bird flu, all will be destroyed.” Another farmer Thom Avery said. So he changed his plan and turned to make feed pellets. “I purchased a set of feed pellet mill then. And I collect raw material myself, make pellets myself.”In this case, the production cost is reduced. And the other advantage is that, through high temperature compressing, most bacteria is killed. In this way, chickens seldom get sick as long as the feed is not infected. “That saves a lot of money.” Thom Avery said. “In fact, I did not expect that so many people use pellet feed, the market is so wide, because few of those around me use feed pellets. But I had nothing to do in those two years, so I wanted to invest in something. So I bought a set of pellet feed machinery and equipment.” Thom Avery said. “At first, I should market the feed pellets from one to another. These farmers also thought that the animals were not good to eat with powder. So they bought some to try. Later, they found that the effect was really good. Pellet feed is semi-mature under high temperature pressure, so it tastes better.” Thom said. “Now people from neighboring villages a come to me to buy pellet feed, and I’m so happy that I made money.

In recent years, pellet feed is a popular form of feed that is produced by pellet press. The granular material is small in size, high in nutritional value and tastes delicious. According to the data survey, the intake of pellets increased and the prevalence rate decreased after the animals were fed with pellets. If you encounter feed problems in farming, and want to save production cost, you may try to make your own pellet feed.

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