Feed Pellets Required for Different Types of Animals

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In recent years, more and more animal breeders have paid attention to the details of the compatibility of different sizes of feed and production technology & equipment. With the acceleration of the process of market and product segmentation, and the increasing requirements of customers for the quality of animal feed, the specialized production and single product structure have become the mainstream of the production and development of feed enterprises. 

Chicken pig sheep cattle feed pellets for sale
Animal Feed Pellet for Sale

Feed is the food that humans feed animals, including roughage feed, green feed, silage feed, protein feed, energy feed and so on. If you want to raise all kinds of animals well and let them grow up healthily, then the scientific feed ratio is indispensable. Different types of animals and different growth stages have different feed ratios. Do you know the complete formula of various animal feed pellets? Do you have any confusion about your farming? Please do not hesitate to contact us for professional guidance !

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Different Pellet Feeds Needed by Different Types of Animals

Factory price Animal feeds pellet making machine
Feed Pellets of Various Sizes

Multi-mode optional

Several specifications can be exchanged. Die holes 1.5-7mm can be replaced,the thickness can be adjusted!

Different Size Feed Pellet Machine Pellet Die
Different Size Feed Pellet Machine Pellet Die
Note:According to the poultry to be raised,choose the grinding disc that suits you!

This is a complete set of animal feed pelleting equipment, not only suitable for poultry animals, such as chickens, ducks and geese, but also for livestock animals, like pigs, cattle and sheep. In addition, the segmentation of products and markets has become increasingly urgent to require the harmony and unity of different types of animal feed pellets and production processes and equipment. As long as you tell us the animals you raise, we will have professional staff to help you analyze the parameters and prices of the feed, please contact us quickly!

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Animal Feeds Pellet Making for Poultry

Poultry and Livestock animals include chickens, ducks, geese and pigeons and so on. As long as there is a vacant lot, you will have the opportunity to own your own poultry feed factory and you will be able to quickly reap benefits. HOW TO MAKE CHICKEN FEED PELLETS OF YOUR OWN? How to find the most suitable pelletizing equipment?Here is some advice for you.

Animal Feeds Pellet Formula for Poultry
Poultry Types Animal Feeds Pellet Formula
Chicken feed

Cub feed formula: corn 44%, bean cake 15%, stone powder 1.5%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.1%, methionine 0.05%, lysine 0.05%, premix 0.50%, fish meal 1.5%, sorghum 10%, low-quality flour 10% , Peanut cake 8%, wheat bran 8%.

Broiler feed formula: corn 70%, wheat bran 9.7%, soybean cake 12%, calcium hydrogen phosphate 1.2%, stone powder 1.2%, premix 0.5%, salt 0.3%, low-quality flour 2.6%, peanut cake 2.5%.

Duck feed

Feed formula for ducklings: corn 50%, vegetable cake 20%, broken rice 10%, bran 10%, fish meal 7.5%, meat meal 1%, shell meal 1%, salt 0.5%.

Adult duck feed formula: corn 50%, wheat 17%, bran 12%, broken rice 10%, vegetable cake 5%, fish meal 4.5%, shell meal 1%, salt 0.5%.

Goose feed

Goose feed formula: straw feed 71%, bone meal 1%, bean cake 5%, fish meal 2.2%, cornmeal 18%, bran 2.2%, salt 0.3%.

Adult goose feed formula: straw feed 87%, bone meal 1%, bean cake 3%, fish meal 2.5%, corn meal 5%, bran 1%, salt 0.5%.

Hot Sale Livestock Feeds Pellet Making Machine

Small Animal Feed Pellet Machine for Sales
Small Animal Feed Pellet Machine for Sales
Commercial Animal Feed Pellet Mill Machine
Commercial Animal Feed Pellet Mill Machine

How to Make Cattle Pellets?

Cost Efficiency Livestock Feeds Pellet Making Machine

Livestock Feed Formula

Pig Feed

Early fattening: corn 59%, wheat bran 13%, peanut cake or bean cake 15%, grass meal 5%, fish meal 6%, bone meal 1.5%, salt 0.5%.

Late fattening period: corn 65.2%, wheat bran 18%, peanut cake or bean cake 10%, grass meal 3%, domestic fish meal 2%, bone meal 1.3%, salt 0.5%.

Sheep Feed The formula of fattening concentrate for house feeding: 21.5% corn meal, 21.5% grass meal, 21.5% soybean cake, 17% corn kernels, 10.3% peanut cake, 6.9% wheat bran, 0.7% salt, 0.3% urea, 0.3% additives.
Cattle Feed

Fattening formula for 7-10 months old: corn 48%, bran 15%, cottonseed cake 35%, salt 1%, sodium bicarbonate 1%.

Late fattening period: 75% corn, 5% bran, 10% cottonseed cake, 7% barley, 1% stone meal, 0.5% bone meal, 0.5% salt, and 1% sodium bicarbonate.

Tips for Animal Feed Pellet Machine

Feed pellet machine installation method

  • Install upper hopper and discharge hopper
  • Add about 1.5~2 liters of high temperature gear oil
  • Connect the power:it is recommended to use the air switch,easy to open and close the machine
  • Start inspection:start the machine to observe whether the motor is running in the correct direction(the direction marked on the machine is the correct direction.

Animal Feeds Pelletizer processing

Process of feeds pellet machine for different animals

You are welcome to contact us for more details about the animal feed pellet production line for cattle / poultry / livestock!

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