How to Start A Commercial Fish Feed Mill Plant?

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Since there are a lot of usable areas in the animal breeding industry, how to use the laws of economics and respect natural development to start a complete and reasonable animal feeding model and promote fish , livestock, poultry or pet  breeding in the direction of sustainable development at the time of accelerating technological reforms.

Large Scale Fish Food Production Line for Sale
High Quality Fish Food Production Line for Sale

Among them, aquaculture is a matter of small investment and large profits. Reasonable use of aquaculture waters and natural resources and protection of the ecological balance of the aquaculture waters are issues that need urgent attention for fish farming factories. At this time, it is almost profitable to build a large-scale commercial fish feed production plant.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Business Plan for A Large Scale Commercial Fish Feed Milling Plants

1. Develop a plant construction plan-conduct a feasibility analysis of plant construction

To establish your own fish feed processing plant, you must first conduct a thorough investigation, and then conduct economic analysis and technical demonstration on this basis. Only after the feed industry needs, the economic benefits are good, and the advanced feed processing and configuration technology are mastered, can investment and plant construction be started.

2. Scientifically determine the scale of plant construction

The scale of production is the basis for the design of fish feed processing plants. The scale of production should be determined according to the demand for feed in the supply area.

3. Choose the site correctly

The plant site should follow the principle of "processing nearby", and give priority to building in areas with sufficient feed resources, developed animal husbandry, convenient transportation, and guaranteed power. If the feed factory is built near the grain depot, the housing facilities and corresponding costs for raw material storage can be omitted.

4. Carefully select equipment

Industrial Business for Fish Feed Pellet Machine
Industrial Business for Fish Feed Pellet Machine
Fish Food Outlet
Fish Food Outlet
Power Generation Box for Fish Feed Making Machine
Power Generator for Fish Food Making Machine
Small Parts of Fish Feed Pellet Machine
Small Parts of Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Before setting up a factory, the corresponding complete set of feed processing equipment should be selected according to the determined production scale.

Whether the selection of the process flow of the production line is reasonable or not is closely related to the investment, energy consumption, use and maintenance convenience of the equipment and the square.

Profitability of the fish feed pellet production line 

Fish Food Production Processing
Fish feed pellet Production Processing

The production of animal food pellet feed starts with meat meal, fish meal, beans, etc., to produce pet food and fish and poultry feeds with novel shapes, unique tastes, rich nutrition, and exquisite structures. It is cooked and sterilized under the high pressure of the extruder and is easy to absorb. Therefore, large-scale feed production line equipment is very popular in the pet market. 

ABC Machinery can provide users with various high-quality feed production stand-alone equipment and accessories such as crushing, mixing, granulating, cooling, crushing, screening, and packaging. If you are interested in the details and prices of our equipment, please  get free to contact us! 

inquire about the price and cost

Other points need to be considered when producing fish feed pellet

  •  Formula

An accurate formula is necessary to produce a diet that meets the nutritional needs of animals. The nutrient concentration of the feed may be very different from the average value published in the nutrient composition table. Feed manufacturers should consider that the most accurate formula can only come from the results of laboratory raw material analysis. If the manufacturer is not familiar with the calculations involved in the formulation process, it should seek the help of experienced professionals.

  • Granularity

In order to achieve the best animal production performance, a hammer mill or a roller mill must be used to process grain particles to reduce the particle size. It is well known that a decrease in particle size will increase the surface area of ​​grains, improve digestion efficiency, and ultimately improve weight gain efficiency. In addition, the reduced particle size improves the uniformity of the mixing of grains with protein, vitamin and mineral additives. The best granularity depends on the type of animal that uses the feed.

Crushed Pellet Size of Fish Feed
Type of fish  Grinding particle size of compound feed
Juveniles of carp, grass, blue, bream 0.5-1.0mm
Adult fish Around 3.0mm
  • Equipment
The feed equipment must be suitable for the manufacture of animal feed. The mixing time recommendations given by the manufacturer for the size and type of mixer should be followed. The mixer should not be overfilled. If the mixing efficiency of the mixer is reduced, or if there is too little, it will be difficult to carry out a proper mixing operation. The mixer should be kept clean, without any accumulation of materials, and capable of uniform mixing. Feed equipment should be stored in clean and good conditions to avoid various types of pollution. Regular visual inspections should be performed and maintenance and cleaning records should be kept.



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