Chicken Manure Used As Organic Fertilizer in Large-scale Chicken Farms

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With the prevalence of farming greenhouses, more and more farming industries have begun to breed in greenhouses, and broiler farming in greenhouses has become a common broiler breeding method. In addition, the chicken manure is a relatively high-quality organic fat after being thoroughly fermented. The nutrient content of chicken manure is very rich, and it is an efficient organic fertilizer!

Chicken Manure Used As Organic Fertilizer Production Line For Sale
Chicken Manure Used As Organic Fertilizer Production Line

However, incomplete fermentation or raw chicken manure cannot be directly used as organic fertilizer. Nowadays, poultry farming will add a large amount of antibiotics and heavy metal additives to the feed, so the chicken manure needs to be thoroughly fermented before it can be used as organic fertilizer.How to turn chicken manure into organic fertilizer?

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How Is Chicken Manure Fermented with Organic Fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer is made by fermenting chicken manure, which can reduce the pollution of chicken manure to the environment and give full play to the nutrition and energy of chicken manure. When dealing with chicken manure, the pathogens and parasites must be killed first. In addition, in the fermentation process of chicken manure, it is necessary to minimize the loss of nutrients and increase its utilization rate. In addition, in order to effectively save energy and minimize processing costs, chicken manure treatment has certain economic benefits.

Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank for Chicken Manure
Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank for Chicken Manure

Fermentation equipment can be used to treat organic waste such as pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, mushroom residue, traditional Chinese medicine residue, crop straw, etc., and the harmless treatment process can be completed in 10 hours. The characteristics of the fermentation tank: small area, no pollution (close-mass fermentation), high temperature to completely kill the pests and eggs, it is the best choice for the majority of breeding enterprises, recycling agriculture, and ecological agriculture to realize the utilization of waste resources. In addition, different capacity and different forms (horizontal, vertical) fermentation tanks can be customized according to customer needs.

Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Drying and Pelletizing Production Processing

Process Flow Chart: Organic Fertilizer Pelletizing and Drying Type
Process Flow Chart: Organic Fertilizer Pelletizing and Drying Type

The main fertilizer production process is as follows: After the raw materials (chicken manure, sludge, biogas residue, rice straw, corn straw) and other manure organic wastes are fermented and decomposed, the organic wastes with a moisture content of about 30%-35% are crushed and screened. In addition, the binder and other ingredients that need to be proportioned are measured in the batching mixing system according to the proportioning requirements. (Adding functional bacteria can produce bio-organic fertilizer, adding nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (total nutrients) The content is less than 15%) can produce organic and inorganic fertilizers) ingredients, mixing, the fully mixed materials are uniformly and continuously fed into the pelletizer by the belt conveyor, and then rounded into spherical pellets by the polishing and shaping machine, and then processed by the dryer. After drying at low temperature and high air volume (≤65°C), it is cooled and sieved. The finished product particles are conveyed to the finished product silo by the belt, and are measured and packed into the warehouse by the computerized packaging system.

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Nutrient Content in Chicken Manure
Organic matter content of chicken manure 25.5%
Nitrogen 1.63%
Hosphorus 1.54%
Potassium 0.85%

Production Video: Organic Fertilizer Made from Chicken Manure

Choosing fast and reasonable environmental protection equipment to treat chicken manure can not only solve the problem of chicken manure treatment in farms, meet environmental protection requirements, but also bring additional benefits, which is conducive to the sustainable development of the chicken industry in the future.If you are interested in the equipment and production line for making organic fertilizer from chicken manure, please feel free to contact us, and our professional staff will reply to you within one working day!


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