1-2TPH Chicken Powder Feed Pellet Equipment Deliver to Kenya

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Modern chicken feeding has become a sunrise industry that many countries in the world pay attention to. The chicken feeding factory has its unique advantages, which are unmatched by other breeding industries. Therefore, setting up an animal feed production plant for your own chicken farm is also an ideal industry to gain benefits.

Factory Price Chicken Powder Feed Pellets to Kenya
Chicken Powder Feed Pellets Plant

Recently, 1-2 TPH Chicken powder feed pellet equipment required by a Kenyan customer has been installed and shipped to his region. The customer is a chicken farm owner who wants to buy a complete set of powder feed equipment to make chicken feed for his own chicken farm, and also sell part of the feed to the local area. 

Parameters of small chicken feed pellet production plant
Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h)
STLP300 38.4 600-800
STLP400 56.1 800-1000

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Project Photos Display: Chicken Powder Feed Pellet Equipment  Deliver to Kenya

Loading Process of Chicken Feed Pellet Equipment
Chicken Feed Pellet Equipment Load Processing

Part of 1-2tph Chicken Powder Feed Pellets Plant
Part of 1-2tph Chicken Powder Feed Pellets Plant 
Part of Chicken Feed Equipment for Sale
Part of Chicken Feed Equipment for Sale
Chicken feed powder pellet machine installation
Chicken feed powder pellet machines installation photo
Chicken feed powder equipment generator
genertor photo

How to Produce Chicken Powder Feed Pellet

The 1-2 TPH chicken powder feed pellet production line is fully automatic. The crushing and mixing are uniform, and they are not too noisy.  It is mainly composed of a crusher, a mixer, an elevator, a silo, a bag dust collector, and a fan.

Chicken Feed Powder Equipment Production Line
Chicken Feed Powder Equipment Production Processing
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The working principle of the crusher

 The material to be crushed is fed through the feeder machine from the inlet, and enters the crushing chamber through the feed guide plate. The feed material is gradually crushed under the action of the high-speed rotating hammer mill and the friction of the sieve plate. Under the action of centrifugal force and air flow, it passes through the screen hole and is discharged from the discharge port.

The working principle of the mixer

The materials of various components enter the mixer after being measured according to a certain proportion, and the materials are mixed under the push of the belt-shaped spiral blade. The outer spiral belt pushes the material from one end to the other, while the inner spiral belt makes the material move in the opposite direction. Rolling outwards inwards. The materials infiltrate and displace each other in the convection process to mix, and then mix during the tumbling process on both sides. This is repeated many times, and the uniformly mixed materials are discharged from the discharge door through the discharge control mechanism.

Video of Chicken Powder Feed Pellet Production Processing

Buy  from chicken powder feed pellet machines manufacturer or supplier at factory price, get FREE technical instruction of chicken feeder process and business plan to set up chicken powder feed pellet projects in Ghana , Zambia , Kenya , Uganda , Mali , etc., at low cost.

What is the development prospect of the chicken industry?

  • 1.The production cycle of chicken raising is short, the investment can be more or less, the capital turnover is fast, and the output to input ratio is high.
  • 2.The degree of intensification of chicken raising is high, the scale can be large or small, and the labor productivity is high.
  • 3.Because of the high demand, the sales of eggs and chicken are also wider, and there are many ways to process and utilize the products.
  • 4.Chicken is an omnivorous animal in nature. If it is a free-range state, the insects and weeds in the field can solve most of the nutritional sources of the chicken body. Therefore, according to this growth habit of the chicken, the raw material of the chicken feed is also sourced. Extensive. Almost all non-toxic and harmless animal products and their processed scraps, plant seeds and their processed by-products, fruits, vegetables, etc. can be used as chicken feed.
  • 5.Chicken and eggs are rich in nutrients and low in price. They are the best source of human protein food.

From the above analysis, Based on market demand, the development of chicken farms and chicken feed manufacturing farms has broad market prospects. ABC Machinery is a high-tech enterprise focusing on pillar industries such as pellets making machinery, complete sets of feed pellet production lines, and so on. Our complete production line has the advantages of scientific and reasonable engineering layout, stable and reliable equipment, quick installation and simple operation. If you are interested in our equipment, you are welcome to contact us!


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