How are dairy cow feed pellets processed?

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The pellet feed for dairy cows is scientifically formulated according to the concentration of nutrients required at each stage of its growth. A variety of feed materials, including coarse feed, concentrated feed and feed additives, are crushed with a grinder, mixed with a mixer, and then used as feed. Pellet formula feed made by pellet machine. Among the common raw materials of dairy cow feed pellets are high-quality alfalfa grass, full-fat expanded soybeans, whole cotton seeds, corn, bran and soybean meal, wheat, etc.

Dairy cow feed pellet machines
Dairy Cow Feed Pellet Equipment

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Processing Technology of Dairy Cow Feed Pellets

The complete set of equipment for dairy cow feed pellets is mainly composed of six parts: raw material receiving machine, corn crushing machine, ingredient mixing machine, finished product discharging system, computer control system and dust removal system. 

Complete Cow Feed Pellet Production Line
Complete Cow Feed Pellet Production Line for Sale

The crushed corn and other raw materials are stored in their respective batching bins through a conveying machine. The formula number pre-stored in the computer is selected. The computer automatically measures the required amounts of various raw materials and puts them in the mixing machine. After being fully stirred, it is transported to the finished product warehouse by the conveying equipment for storage. The mixing tank loaded with coarse material (measured according to the formula requirements) receives the fine material from the finished product warehouse, and the coarse feed and the concentrated feed are mixed in the mixing tank, thereby completing the production process of the finished dairy cow feed.
The following are some photos for your reference. If you need a detailed equipment list and cost, please feel free to send an inquiry!

Cow Feed Pellet Units
Cow Feed Pellet Units
Mixer of Cow Feed Pellet Machines
Mixer of Cow Feed Pellet Machines
Packing Photo of Cow Feed Pellet Machine
Packing Photo
High Quality Cow Feed Pellet Silo
High Quality Cow Feed Pellet Silo
Small feed mill plant technical Parameters
Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)L*W*H
STLP300 38.4 600-800 1700 7340*2360*4000
STLP400 56.1 800-1000 2100 7445*2945*4000

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The advantages of pellet feed for dairy cows

  • 1. Even mixing, balanced nutrition, and can effectively avoid picky eaters in dairy cows.
  • 2. Improve the palatability of feed and increase feed intake. Compared with the traditional method of separate feeding of coarse and concentrated feed, the special maturation technology of pellet feed can kill harmful bacteria during the processing process, and can also increase the reproduction and growth of probiotic bacteria in the animal body, promote the full absorption of nutrients, and improve the feed Efficiency. It can effectively solve the problem of nutrient supply during periods of negative nutrient balance (such as winter).
  • 3. Practice has proved that using pellet feed for several months can not only reduce gastrointestinal diseases by more than 90%, but also improve the immunity of cows and reduce the occurrence of epidemic diseases.
  • 4. Increase the growth rate, shorten the slaughter period, and promote healthy growth. According to the different nutrients required by the dairy cows at various stages of growth, a more accurate and balanced feed formula is formulated to greatly increase the daily increment.

Encyclopedia of feed formulas in various stages of dairy cattle breeding

We all know that dairy cows need to be driven by grain fermentation. The higher the quality of the roughage, the higher the amount of grains they can eat, so as to achieve healthy and high-yield dairy cows. At the same time, we also need to flexibly control the ratio of various nutrients according to the changes in the cattle herd.

1. Feed formula for calves

The calf should be given colostrum within 1-2 hours after birth, and the feeding amount should not be less than 1 kg. The daily breastfeeding volume during lactation should be between 10-15 kg. Calves can start training to consume concentrate and soft green fodder 7 days after birth. When the daily feed intake reaches 0.75-1.0 kg, they can be weaned. The time period is generally about 8 weeks.

2. Feed formula for growing cattle

The ration started to be coarse feed, with a protein level of 13-14%, with 2-2.5 kg of concentrate. Rough feeding should choose medium-quality hay, which helps to cultivate the resistance to rough feeding of cattle and improve the function of the rumen.

3. Feed formula for young cattle

This stage is the growth period. The diet is mainly medium-quality roughage, and the dietary protein level reaches 12%, with 2.5 kg of concentrate per head per day. The second stage is from the age of 19 months to 60 days before the expected date of delivery. During this stage, the feed starts to control the amount of feed. The dry matter intake of the diet should be controlled between 11-12 kg. The medium-quality rough feed is mainly used, and the crude protein level of the diet Up to 12-13%.

4. Feed formula for adult cows

During the dry period, high-quality green hay should be the main feed, and the mixed concentrate should not exceed 2.5 kg. The ratio of fine and coarse materials in the late dry period should be set at about 3:7. During the perinatal period, nutritional supplements are needed, and the feeding should gradually increase the proportion of concentrate, but the maximum feeding amount should not exceed 1% of the cow's body weight.

Cow Feed Pellets Equipment Working Video

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