Poultry Feed Market Potential Investigation to Pakistan

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During September 25th to 30th, 2018, animal feed processing equipment manufacturer ABC Machinery will attend the International Poultry Expo – 2018 that will be held in Pakistan. After the Expo, ABC Machinery will visit clients in Karachi and Lahore.

  • Exhibition: International Poultry Expo - 2018
  • Date: September 27th ~ 29th, 2018
  • Location: Lahore, Pakistan
  • Contacts: Winnie Wang, Max Zhao
  • Email: info@feedpelletplants.com

Pakistan being a fast developing country in South Asia, has established a long-term and multi-faceted friendly cooperation with China ever since 1950s. ABC Machinery being an influential animal feed making machinery manufacturer and supplier in China, is able to provide quality guaranteed poultry feed making machines and facilities to people in Pakistan who want to start their own feed manufacturing business.

ABC Machinery visit to Pakistan

Pakistan poultry, livestock feed market potential

Animal husbandry accounts for 40% of the agricultural sector in Pakistan, accounting for nearly 11% of GDP, which has great significance to Pakistan economy. The current population of farm animals in Pakistan consist of 23.34 million buffaloes, 22.42 million cattle, 24.24 million sheep, 49.14 million goats and 0.77 million camels. The main products are milk, meat, egg, manure, hides and wool. Pakistan is the 4th largest milk producer in the world. In the year 2015-2016, the total yield of beef was 2,017,000 tons, mutton was over 686,000 tons, poultry meat was 1,177,000 tons, and fish was 652,000 tons; and this number keeps growing yearly.

Pakistan meat production

Pakistan government has taken measures to increase poultry and livestock production, not only paying attention to meat, but also mild and eggs production. These measures include revolutionizing veterinary organizations and infrastructure, and also standardizing animal feeds.

In Pakistan, the poultry and livestock animals are mainly fed by fodder crops, shrubs, grasses and agro-manufacturing wastes. But as a matter of fact, these coarse feed can only supply unbalanced nutrition to animals. The malnutrition can lead to many problems, such as high death rate, high morbidity rate and also low quality meat or milk.

What advantages of Feed Pellets can bring to Pakistan Poultry and Livestock Industry?

  • Feed pellets are nutrition-balanced diet to poultry and livestock. They contain all nutrients that are necessary to animal growth, and will alter along with the growth stage of animals.
  • Feed pellets are easy for storage. No matter you want to make feed to use in the winter, or you want to save feed storage space, feed pellets can perfectly solve your problems. Being densified, feed volume are greatly cut down, saving you at least 50% room space. Besides, feed pellets do not generate dust or ash, this makes it very clean.
  • Feed pellets can prevent animals from picky. All nutrients and all components are uniformly mixed to form a feed pellet, so animals have to eat what are fed to them.

(See details of poultry feed processing technology and livestock feed processing technology.)

feed pellets applications

Pakistan fish feed market potential

As mentioned above, the fish yield in Pakistan in the year 2016 was 652,000 tons, which makes up more than 14% of its total meat production. Previously these fish are almost sea fish, and only few are cultured by men. To protect marine fish resources and at the same time maintain fish yield and export, Pakistan government encouraged its people to cultivate fish. Especially as the European Union resumes importing fish from Pakistan, there is still great market potential for cultivating fish.

The extruded floating fish feed has proved to be good nutrition supply diet to fish, since the traditional Pakistan tilapia fish has doubled its weight, namely 600 grams per fish by feeding with floating fish feed. In the meantime, the fish protein quality is also improved. (Further reading fish feed processing technology>)

Purchasing a fish feed extruder does not cost too much, but when you make feed pellets for your fish, you will see great profit return in a short time.

If you are interested in poultry, livestock or fish feed making machines, or want to set up animal feed making plant in Pakistan, please leave us a message below.

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