How to Make Shrimp Feed Pellets with Feed Pellet Mill?

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Shrimp farming is one of the oldest forms of farming and is very common in Asian countries. As aqua-farming is growing more, the need for shrimp feed is also increasing. Shrimp feed is produced and used to feed shrimps to provide them all of the essential nutrients and components that they need to grow healthy. (Read more: Fish Feed Pellet Processing Technology >>)

Shrimp Feed Processing
Shrimp Feed Processing

How to Produce Shrimp Feed Pellets? - Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill

Setting up a small scale shrimp feed pellet mill to produce high quality pelleted feed for shrimp would be a great choice for shrimp farmers. More important, this aquatic feed production line is also suitable to make feed for fish. Below is the main steps to make shrimp feed pellets.(Read more: Poultry Feed Manufacturing Plant Cost >>)

Shrimp Feed Pellet Line
Shrimp Feed Pellet Line

  • Grinding the Raw Material

The raw material used to make shrimp feed pellets comes in different sizes. It must be crushed before it is further processed. Feed Hammer Mill is usually used to grind it and convert it into its powder form, It will crush the large-sized raw material until it changes into its powdered form.

  • Mixing All Components Together

After grinding, raw material is mixed thoroughly to make sure that every ingredient is distributed uniformly in the final mixture. In this step, a machine called a Mixer is used.

  • Shrimp Pellet Production

Feed pelletizing is the core process in a shrimp feed pellet line. High pressure is applied to the raw material which compresses its powdered form and forms pellets of the desired size. These pellets must be dense and hard so that they do not break while they are stored or transported to the market. Purchase a high-quality shrimp feed pellet production machine to make sure that your shrimp feed pellet is solid.

Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill
Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill

  • Drying of Pelleted Feed

Pellets produced may have an unwanted amount of water in them. So, heat them and let the moisture evaporate from the pellets.

  • Cooling the Final Feed

Drying the pellets will increase their temperature by many degrees. So, cool them down so that you can store them in packets and sell them in the market. A cooler is used to reduce its temperature. You can also spread the pellets in a large area to let them cool on their own.

Above is the brief introduction about how to make shrimp feed pellets, for detailed technical information, feel free to contact us!

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Small Scale Fish & Shrimp Feed Pellet Making Machine Production Video

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Ingredients Needed to Make Shrimp Feed

Choosing the right ingredients is important to make a shrimp feed that delivers the right amount of nutrients they need to grow. Some of the ingredients that are commonly used to make shrimp feed pellets are:

Ingredients for Shrimp Feed Making
Ingredients for Shrimp Feed Making

Soybean Meal

It is rich in protein and is its great source. You can use hulled and dehulled, both, soybean meal. Hulled soybean has 44% protein while dehulled soybean has 48% crude protein in it.


The wheat used in making shrimp pellets has two functions. One is it provides a good amount of carbohydrates to shrimps and the other is it releases gluten which is used as a binder to make pellets.

Fishmeal and Oil

Both these components are a good source of healthy fatty acids and proteins. Fishmeal also provides some essential minerals.

Ingredient of Shrimp Feed
Ingredients Fish meal Squid meal Soybean meal Shrimp head meal Wheat Sodium alginate Vitamin mix Arachidonic oil
Dry weight(g/100g of diet) 41 12 8 8 8 4 2 7

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